August 2009

Need A Vacation? 

Vacation- sounds great right? I looked up the definition for vacation and found that it means, “A period of rest from work or study.” Vacation to me means the opportunity to relax, not worry and enjoy. In the effort to do just that, most of us decide to escape our homes and daily worries by going to a destination that allows us to do that. Sunset Beach, NC is lucky enough to be one of those destinations. The island residents and employees have seen you arrive with the desperate look of “I need a vacation” on your faces and have watched you tearfully leave. Once you are home, you probably need another vacation! Believe me, I can relate. My family feels the need to escape ourselves, and we took our vacation in July. You might think we’re crazy to leave this beautiful island, but it is also where we “work or study.” So you may ask, where do you go on vacation when you live at Sunset Beach, NC? Well, it’s a secret place that only a few of us know, where we don’t watch T.V., we play in the water, ride on a boat, and don’t worry about email or government politics for awhile. Not entirely different from the feeling at Sunset Beach. We also feel that the year round residents of our destination are the lucky ones. Like you, we were willing to stay on vacation permanently, but had to return. The minute I crossed the one-lane draw bridge at Sunset Beach, I was happy to be home. It was amazing to see the progress on the new bridge in the time we were away, so I can imagine how impressive it is to many of you. All the reasons I love it here came flooding back to me, the smell of the ocean, the sounds of the birds, the humid breeze that curls my hair, and so much more. How about the way the moon lights up the beach at night, or the fun we have in the tide pools when the tide is falling, the delicious fresh seafood, the exciting deep sea fishing, the pristine golf courses, and especially the sights & sounds of the happy families on vacation (including my friend Skyler from New York). Sunset Beach will always be a favorite destination for countless people, home to a lucky few, and my favorite beach anywhere. Enjoy all that Sunset Beach offers, have safe travels and may we all have the opportunity to “vacation” more than just once a year!
A quick update on the bridge construction—the photos show the progress of the bridge work and the columns keep going up. There were rumors of and earlier completion date than Dec. 2010, but we verified with the head foreman and he is sticking with the original date. Also, Shoreline Drive East from Azalea Circle to HWY 179 near Bill’s Seafood is closed. It’s a temporary closing and traffic is routed to Park Road.
Turtle Hatching Update— I am sad to say there was some disturbing news about sea turtle hatchlings being taken at our neighboring beach of Ocean Isle. I have a link to the newspaper article that gives more details. 
Please remember to not disturb any nests found and report any nests that are not protected and marked to