Dolphins in January!

What a nice morning to see some dolphins in the waterway! A trio of large dolphins were making their way from Sunset Beach to Ocean Isle Beach and we chased them to get a picture. They were graceful and playful, but hard to get on film as you can see from our pictures. I'm hoping it's a sign of good luck to see them in January!

Did you see the snow on the webcam? Although we didn't get much, it was pretty when it was falling and we were hoping for a nice white blanket even for just a day. Unfortunately, Sunset Beach got a mere dusting and the gusting wind blew it away. As my sister reminded me, while some kids get a day to play in the snow, mine will get a day in the sand soon enough.

Enjoy what is left of January and plan a romantic getaway this Valentine's Day to The Sunset Inn. The Inn also has gift cards that can be used anytime for a perfect present for someone you love. Hope to see you at Sunset soon!