Sunset Beach In Southern Living Magazine!


Shhh…It’s a Secret Beach
Sunset Beach, NC & Bird Island may have been a very well kept secret for 55 years until the April issue of Southern Living Magazine. It was a surprise to many when our 2 ½ mile island was one of 10 of the South’s Most Secret Beaches.  Of course to Sunset Beach lovers, it was no surprise at all. The article nicely yet briefly describes our wide, spacious beaches and features an appropriate sunset photo of the beach. It’s funny how when you know a secret getaway, you so badly want to tell others what a treasure you have found, but if you do, it’s not a secret getaway anymore. Here at Sunset Beach with an island that continues to accumulate more sand every year, we can afford to let a few more know about our secret beach. Let’s just continue to treasure it.
It was certainly no secret that Sunset Beach was the place to be this Spring & Easter Break. The weather has been gorgeous with warm sunny days and cool breezy nights. The kind of weather when you can throw the windows open and let the pollen in. Sweet Springtime, that I love so much, won’t last long before we are complaining about the heat. Easter Sunday was a beautiful beach day and my family enjoyed the glorious morning at the Easter Beach service, along with countless others. No need for a fancy dress or 3 piece suit here, flip flops & a beach chair are the accessories of choice. With daughters I usually fuss over to look just right Easter morning, this was definitely my favorite Easter Sunday ever… and theirs too!
Local Activities this spring include:
Find the time to travel to Sunset Beach in the spring and you won’t be disappointed.