September at Sunset

Listen...can you hear it? It's the sweet sound of September at Sunset Beach, which is music to my ears. School buses on quiet streets. Nice breezes on spacious beaches. September begins my favorite time of year at Sunset Beach. The water is still warm, the kids are back in school and the streets are bare. Sunset Beach is a playground for grown-ups right now and it's hard to keep the secret.

According to our sources, sea turtle hatchings have been occurring on Sunset Beach.  Most recently, there were 2 hatchings-one near 34th St. and one near 17th St.  My family is hoping to have our first sighting of the magical hatching at a 40th St. nest, which could occur this week. Enjoy the night time beach walks and in my experience, they're always a moonlit magical event all in themselves with ghost crabs and stars to entertain.

Pilings, ashphalt and concrete, Oh My! English Construction is still hard at work building the new Sunset Beach bridge.  At this time, they have been steadily setting pilings and laying concrete slabs for a temporary road. This road, on the right of the causeway as you exit the island, will accommodate island traffic and allow construction vehicles to access Sunset Blvd without traffic delays. Due to bridge work, the bridge will be closed Tues. Sept 9- Thurs. Sept. 11 from 10 pm until 5 am.  Thanks to the amazingly bright lights the night workers use, you can view the night work on the webcam.  We have had requests for photos of the bridge work and we're happy to provide these.  Please find the link to the photos and view anytime.  The bridgework is bittersweet to many, including me, but progress is inevitable.  I have been stopped many times rushing kids to school or going to work and each time I am reminded that sometimes you have to just stop and smell the goats.

Local events coming up in October include the Sunset at Sunset Celebration Saturday, October 4th from 1pm until Sunset.  The celebration is being held this year next to Ingram Planetarium.  Bring a lawn chair and enjoy! Make plans now to attend the 28th Annual NC Oyster Festival October 18 & 19.  The festival is always fun with crafts for sale from talented people, great bands and delicious food.  Oh...and of course, the fabulous local oysters!

To all of our faithful webcam watchers, please keep the comments coming.  We love your feedback.  The webcam is a great escape when sitting at the computer, but you can't beat the real thing and The Sunset Inn awaits a visit from you.  As we said before, right now you basically feel like you have the island to yourself.  You deserve a getaway!