Sunset Beach is Better Than Ever!

Summer at Sunset Beach is even better!

The new Sunset Beach Bridge has been open & operating smoothly now for 18 months and the most commonly asked question is, how has it changed the island?  Most of us would agree that Sunset Beach is still the same idyllic island it has always been, only better.  

As many of you current Sunset Beach lovers already know, the island of Sunset Beach is uniquely accruing more sand each year. Therefore our oceanfront homes tend to get a bit farther from the ocean, making our pilgrimage from sand to sea longer each year as well. The town of Sunset Beach works to improve the public wooden beach access walkways during the winter months, either by adding a few extra feet or fresh new railings. The young un-weathered lumber is easily seen and much appreciated.

If you have ever visited the Sunset Beach Gazebo or parked close to the pier to enjoy the central location, you’re sure to have seen or used the less than desirable port-a-johns. Great News! There are now NEW & Improved facilities for public use. This may seem insignificant to most, but you Sunset Beach lovers totally get this. There are 2 units located in the pier parking lot, one is close to the pier and the other at Main St. Each unit contains a men’s, women’s, and handicap facility complete with A/C & sinks. The units are open 7am to Sunset.

Another delicate subject that has been improved upon is the installation of a central sewer system on the island. Each of the island homes & businesses have been maintaining a private septic system which has caused limitations. Don’t worry, the island will not turn into a high-rise commercialized area. There is still a 35 ft. height restriction building code on the island that will help us keep the high-rises away. The public sewer system has a new yellow housing facility on North Shore Drive near 5th St. that will virtually go unnoticed.  Sometimes the best improvements are the unseen ones.

The most recent update is the new Sunset Beach Boat Ramp which had the grand opening today, Friday, June 29th at 11am.  We are very excited about the convenience this will offer our local & vacationing boaters. Those of us that LOVE to boat remember the days of using the area by the old bridge as a boat ramp.  It was common to see a vehicle stuck and high tide creeping near the rear bumper, making us all cringe. No more! We will now have an easily accessible boat ramp, and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Last, but certainly not least, SunsetBeachNCWebcam is tickled to offer 3 LIVE WEBCAMS 24/7 for everyone to enjoy Sunset Beach virtually from anywhere! The 2 new latest cameras provide a live view of the Sunset Beach Pier and an Oceanfront view towards Bird Island.  We feel confident you will enjoy the webcams on your smart phone and your computers.  I personally love to make any one of the webcams full screen and keep it open while I’m working….I need to see if a sick-day is coming on!

We want you to come see Sunset Beach for yourself, whether it’s been a few years, a few months, a few hours since you’ve been here. If you have never been to Sunset Beach, we believe you will fall in love with one of the many comforts this paradise island has to offer.