The New Sunset Beach Bridge is now OPEN!

New Bridge is OPEN!

On November 11, 2010, without any formal announcement or fanfare, the New Sunset Beach Bridge became open to traffic. It was approximately 3pm on Veteran's Day, and those of us that travel over the old bridge multiple times daily were just discussing an announcement we had heard of the Official Bridge opening to be held at 8am on Friday, Nov. 12th. We were joking with each other over who would be the first ones over and how it would be difficult to get to work on time if there was a long line. You see, most of us have had to answer the question of "When is the new bridge opening?" more times than we could count, and we simply did not know when. With our patience worn thin, our vehicles rattling apart, we were ready for our heartfelt attachment to the old bridge to become a memory.  As I checked my watch to make sure it was not the top of the hour, I headed out the door to go off the island. It's funny the habits we develop, but I looked down Sunset Blvd. and saw the old bridge was open for boat traffic and immediately new I'd be late for my appointment. But, where was this oncoming traffic coming from? Was it broken, again? Then suddenly, there I am slowly ascending the new bridge with a high tide view that is astounding!  A few words immediately came to mind as I'm driving over this controversial bridge....Gradual, Quiet, Smooth & What A View.  As you can imagine, cars have steadily been crossing the new bridge and many pedestrians, too.  I have never been comfortable with the idea of being a pedestrian on a bridge when cars are passing by....there's no where to go if a vehicle swerves in my direction. So, I took the opportunity on Nov. 1st to be one of the thousands that walked the new bridge, and was very impressed. I believe you will be impressed as well.

I can honestly say I will miss the clunkety-clunkety sounds of cars crossing the old bridge, the siren that signaled boats it's safe to pass through, timing my schedule by the top of the hour, and habit will always force me to have a good book in the car just in case. However, to have a Bird's Eye view of the beautiful little islands full of life, the ebb & flow of the tides, and the most amazing beach I've ever called home from 65 feet high, it's a grand & marvelous feeling.