Turkey at the beach...

Turkey At The Beach...

Thanksgiving at the beach will always mean
Get ready for family; shop, cook & clean.
Turkey, ham & stuffing we ate
Collards, yams and more on my plate.
Forks were flying as our lips smacked
Leftovers where? The fridge is packed!
“Now let’s play a game” the kids did yell
Too sleepy to fight, under the tryptophan spell
Guesstures can be a humorous game,
But a family feud started with those kids to blame.
Play some corn toss & golf, walk on the beach
Hear the ole “No Christmas gifts for me” speech
Steamed oysters & shrimp on Saturday night
The fire from the chimnea felt just right.
Sunday comes, it’s time they go
Goodbye, goodbye, we love you so!
Clean again, find my terrified cat
Sit down to relax and think, “It wasn’t so bad”
Only 3 weeks till Christmas when we gather once more
I think maybe a Holiday cruise I’ll explore!
I always love to see my family come to Sunset Beach and we had excellent weather this year! My brother-in-law swears he saw me skipping & throwing confetti before they even got out of the driveway, but I made sure he was over the bridge by then. I hope you all got to enjoy Thanksgiving with the overeating, sleeping late & dysfunctional family time that comes with it.
If you were lucky enough to visit Sunset Beach this fall, I’m sure you were shocked at all the bridge construction that has taken place. It is really coming together as you can see from the photos I’ve posted. English Construction has confirmed that they are still on target with the December, 2010 completion date. The island businesses are preparing for the spring and two Sunset Beach businesses are launching new & improved websites. Be sure to check out www.thesunsetinn.net  and www.sunsetvacations.com.
With the peace & quiet that comes in the fall months, the wildlife has come out to play on the island. We’ve enjoyed the bald eagles that grace us with their presence and the island deer roaming around. We feel lucky to share this little piece of paradise with all walks of life and hope you’ll make the time to visit Sunset Beach, too. The Christmas shows in Myrtle Beach, SC are amazing! The always enjoyable Shallotte Parade is this Saturday, December 5th which starts at 10 am. Also, on December 5th, Ocean Isle Beach is having an Island Home Tour hosted by the Museum of Coastal Carolina. The tour begins at the museum at 3pm; for more information go to http://www.museumofcc.org/. Yes the holiday season is busy and you have much to do, but all the shopping and relaxing you need is right here at Sunset Beach. We hope to see you soon!