Sizzlin' Hot Summertine!

Sizzlin’ Hot Summertime!

Do you like it hot, hot, hot? Seems like just yesterday I was so anxiously awaiting some heat so I could put on some shorts & flip-flops. Thousands were watching it snow thinking it would never stop. Summertime brought the heat and so much more! A busy Memorial Day Weekend lead to the end of school, and now it’s kind of an “open the flood gate” feeling that has made the summer rush & heat begin. I heard someone say “It’s like an ant farm tipped over” and happy vacationers, along with myself, are loving the summer heat at the beach! No need to complain about the temps, this is exactly how most people expect summer at the beach to feel….in August, but we get to enjoy it all summer. The sun is shining, a little breeze is blowing and the ocean water is heavenly.
I find it refreshing that at least 3 people per week ask me how our current Sunset Beach Floating Swing/Pontoon Bridge works. These are newcomers to the island that have never seen the bridge or our beautiful beach and their questions are truly priceless. I am reminded that many island visitors are unaware of the hourly openings for boat traffic and “on-demand” openings for commercial vessels. Simply stated, make every attempt to crossover the bridge prior to the top of the hour to avoid a delay. The bridge opening usually lasts approximately 15 minutes, depending on the amount of boat traffic. The center section floats and swings out using an underwater cable, hence the name Sunset Beach Floating Pontoon/Swing Bridge. The Floating Pontoon Bridge has been the only access on & off Sunset Beach since the island was developed in 1958, and many Sunset Beach lovers believe it adds historic charm to the 2½ mile island. As an island resident, I will forever be checking my watch with thoughts of the bridge opening, even when it is long gone.
Progress with the new bridge has been steady & inevitable. The last spans were set in place early June, providing a clear vision of what the completed bridge will look like. English Construction has verbally confirmed a completion date of September 1st. The official Bridge Dedication Ceremony is Friday, October 1st at 4pm and more info is available at Sunset at SunsetThe Town of Sunset Beach & The Sunset at Sunset Steering Committee are creating a Remembrance Book which will display shared thoughts or memories of the Sunset Beach Floating Pontoon Bridge. Be sure to submit your entry no later than Wednesday, September 8th. The final masterpiece will be unveiled at the Bridge Dedication and remain on display at Sunset Beach Town Hall.
It’s Turtle Time at Sunset Beach! This is the time of year when the Loggerhead Sea Turtles come ashore and make their nests. The Sunset Beach Turtle Patrol wants to remind all not to disturb the turtles in their efforts and DO NOT disturb the nests. Please report any turtle activity you may witness to the Turtle Patrol, and learn more every Sunday at 7pm at Sunset Properties parking lot.
With the 4th of July quickly approaching, I researched the local fireworks schedule. Calabash will be having their 2nd Annual July 4th Celebration on Sunday, July 4th. Located at the Calabash riverfront, there will be food & craft vendors along with local bands which begin at 4pm. The Embers are scheduled to begin playing between 6 & 7pm until the Fireworks show at 9pm. Event planners advise bringing lawn chairs. Last years fireworks were great and easily viewed from the island of Sunset Beach.
Calabash, 2nd Annual July 4th Celebration…………………..Sunday, July 4th 9 pm
Cherry Grove, SC located at Cherry Grove Pier……………Sunday, July 4th 9 pm
Wilmington, NC Battleship Fireworks…………………………Sunday, July 4th 9:05pm
Southport, NC 4th of July Celebration…………………….….Monday, July 5th 9 pm
In closing, I would like to thank the kind comments & replies you take the time to share. was created as an affordable way for local businesses to advertise via the internet. Our goal is not to be authorities or experts on bridge activities, merely to help Sunset Beach lovers feel connected and somewhat updated. As year round residents, small business owners & parents, we are vested in our community and believe Sunset Beach, NC is an amazing place to visit & live.