Happy at Sunset Beach

Happy at Sunset Beach!

 Don’t you just hate your co-workers, friends or just plain strangers walking around humming songs and acting like they don’t have a care in the world? You know those naturally “happy” people that seem unaffected by the economy that make you think, “Wonder what their secret is?” By golly, I’ve figured it out. It’s got to be one of two things…either it’s medication or they’ve got the beach on the brain. Specifically for me, it’s Sunset Beach, NC on the brain and I can’t seem to get enough. To me it’s the most wonderful time of the year (school starting back) and the weather is amazing. After some careful planning, I have made the time to savor moments on the beach; put the kids on a school bus, tie my sneakers and walk the island. One day I’m a starfish rescuer throwing the live ones back, the next I’m a dolphin watcher as they jump clear out of the water and this year I’m learning the patience of turtle nest watching, too. Hate me, but I’ve become a “happy” carefree islander and I wish the same for each of you. Reality is easier to handle after a deep breath of salty air & sandy feet and it’s blissful to be at the beach, even if it’s just on your mind.
It has been a long time secret of island lovers that Fall is the best time to enjoy the beach. This fall will be no exception and for many of you that came over Labor Day Weekend, you know what I mean. The mornings are cooler yet the water & sun are still ideal for beach days, golf, shopping, bicycling, or anything. Come look at Sunset Beach properties for sale (www.sunsetbeachsales.com) while the prices & interest rates are still low. I’m no expert, but there are great real estate deals on Sunset Beach and Dave Nelson knows the island properties like no other realtor in the area. We hope to see everyone at The Sunset At Sunset Celebration this year October 3rd from 10am – 5:30pm (go to www.sunsetatsunset.com for more info). Also, make sure you plan a trip to the North Carolina Oyster Festival held at Ocean Isle Beach, NC October 17th & 18th this year which features live entertainment, arts and crafts vendors, festival food, a road race, kid's area, North Carolina Oyster Shucking Championships and an Oyster Stew Cook-off. The Sunset Inn  on the island of Sunset Beach has fantastic accommodations convenient to the festival. Go to the Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce (www.brunswickcountychamber.org) for more info about the NC Oyster Festival, which was named 2007 NC Event of the Year. Go to www.tripadvisor.com to get more info about The Sunset Inn or directly to www.thesunsetinn.net.
The Sunset Beach Bridge is progressing at a steady pace. We are happy to accommodate some of the Bridge builders at The Sunset Inn and they’ve told us everything is right on target with a completion date of Dec. 2010. Most recently, Shoreline Rd. beside Bill’s Seafood & Crabby Oddwaters has a newly paved section and is open to traffic. Also, the on-ramp to the new bridge has been paved. Be sure to check out the photos attached of the bridge and some of a recent turtle nest excavation where we got to witness the hatching of a lone late blooming turtle (so cute!). Better yet, come see it all in person and be the envy of your co-workers, friends, & just strangers in general when you’ve got the beach on the brain! Hope to see you happy at Sunset Beach soon.