New Year, New Attitude

It occurred to me that I have started 2009 with a new attitude, and I like it. I have never been one to make resolutions, but I do reflect on the year past. Like many of you, I am glad 2008 is over and relieved we made it through able to maintain our pride and hope. I am committed to making 2009 a better year for my family and I have never lost sight of that silver lining…well almost. My new attitude is not to wait for change, but to make it. I’ll do things differently this year like make wiser investments in living, loving and laughing more. Christmas reminded me that giving to less fortunate is greater than anything I could receive and time spent with someone you can laugh with is time well spent. I refuse to take for granted the coastal life I live and plan to use my local resources more effectively. Why do I buy on the internet when my neighbor sells it down the road for pennies more? I want to listen better and follow through with ideas. So many times I focus on daily duties and forget to use my imagination. I did something recently that I haven’t done in a long time and I enjoyed it immensely-I went to see a movie on a weekday during the day (shrugged off the guilty feelings of not working, actually watching a movie without animation and didn’t have to share my popcorn- and wow-it was fun!). It was like skipping school and keeping the secret. I plan to visit with friends more often and quit worrying if they see my house a mess. Who really cares? Something else I am enjoying in 2009 is sitting on the front porch (even when it’s cold) and letting the warm sun shine on my face. I close my eyes and imagine I am somewhere far away, but I couldn’t be more blessed than being at Sunset Beach.

English Construction has worked diligently on the bridge and progress is truly visible. I have posted some photos where you can clearly see the girders now crossing over HWY 179, Shoreline Dr., connecting the pilings. I remember reading that the bridge will be 65 feet high, but that number didn’t hit home until I am driving under it now. It will definitely take some getting used to and for those of you with Acrophobia (fear of heights), well, good luck. The new bridge will surely be an adjustment for us all.

If you are waiting for an invitation to come see Sunset Beach and the famous one lane pontoon bridge, this is it. The Bridge had an unexpected visit from dolphins in December and I was excited to see them. Come enjoy a long Martin Luther King weekend for a January getaway. The crisp and clear weather just enhances the beauty here at the beach. Remember, The Sunset Inn has nightly accommodations and will be happy to see you. Whatever you decide to do in 2009, come live and laugh a little at Sunset Beach.