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Turkey At The Beach...

Thanksgiving at the beach will always mean Get ready for family; shop, cook & clean. Turkey, ham & stuffing we ate Collards, yams and more on my plate. Forks were flying as our lips smacked Leftovers where? The fridge is packed! “Now let’s play a game” the kids did yell Too sleepy to fight, under the tryptophan spell Guesstures can be a humorous game, But a family feud started with those kids to blame. Play some corn toss & golf, walk on the beach Hear the ole “No Christmas gifts for me” speech. Steamed oysters & shrimp on Saturday night; The fire from the chimnea felt just right. Sunday comes, it’s time they go; Goodbye, goodbye, we love you so! Clean again, find my terrified cat. Sit down to relax and think, “It wasn’t so bad” Only 3 weeks till Christmas when we gather once more, I think maybe a Holiday cruise I’ll explore!

I wrote this poem one year after Thanksgiving and it's funny how the traditions continue. I always love to see my family come to Sunset Beach and we had excellent weather this year! Hopefully my family didn't see me skipping & throwing confetti before they got over the bridge more

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